The I•ROC wellbeing Story

I•ROC was developed in partnership by mental health practitioners at Penumbra and people who have a lived experience of mental health issues. The aim was to embed recovery focused practice in Penumbra and make a real difference to people who use services.

Penumbra is a Scottish Voluntary Sector Organisation, working in the field of mental health. Their mission is to provide a range of high quality recovery focused services that improve mental health and wellbeing for adults and young people. Core to their work is a strong belief that services should be designed and delivered in a flexible way that places the needs and outcomes of each person at the centre.

'What difference do we make?'

Penumbra needed a way to measure the impact of their services. Like many organisations they usually demonstrated the effectiveness of their work in terms of number of people supported, service hours delivered and good anecdotes about the individual successes they had supported. However, they had no measure for the actual benefits gained by the people they supported.

Developing and introducing I•ROC has transformed their approach. Since 2012, I•ROC has helped Penumbra to measure outcomes and reliably show the difference they make. It provides a clear structure for support and allows impact to be measured at the individual, service and organisational level. Alongside I•ROC, the measure of recovery, Penumbra also developed a suite of easy to use recovery tools. Also co-designed by people with a lived experience, these tools include tips and techniques for mental health.

In early 2017, I•ROC wellbeing launched to share this transformative approach with other organisations.

To learn more about why we created I.ROC watch Penumbra I·ROC – Individual Recovery Outcomes Counter

Meet the Team

Nigel Henderson

Nigel Henderson:
As Chief Executive of Penumbra and I.ROC wellbeing, he brings his wealth of knowledge and understanding of mental health in the UK and Internationally. Nigel is the immediate past president of Mental Health Europe.


Jane Cumming

Jane Cumming:
Jane leads the learning and development team and has worked on the development and validation of I.ROC and the HOPE Toolkit alongside other aspects of Penumbra and I.ROC wellbeing’s internal and external development.



Bridey Rudd

Bridey Rudd:
Bridey runs all the research investigating the validity and reliability of I.ROC, facilitates training on I.ROC and HOPE and sits on a number of panels across Scotland discussing recovery, outcomes and measurements.