About Recovery

I•ROC is a recovery focused approach to measuring mental health and wellbeing.

Recovery is variously described as a personal journey, a process, a concept, a way of thinking, an approach or an outlook.

Recovery does not necessarily relate to achieving a complete absence of symptoms or finding a 'cure'. It is not about living our lives free from challenge, trauma, pain, grief, illness, distress or other factors that challenge our health and wellbeing. 

Recovery is about our ability to absorb all our experiences, retain a level of wellbeing and live as full a life as possible.

Hope is critical to recovery and it is for this reason that this framework for recovery consists of 4 areas of HOPE® and 12 indicators of wellbeing that are known to be relevant to recovery.

I•ROC is used to measure the 'journey' or 'distance travelled' of recovery. This is unique to each person and what recovery means to each of us is different. It is not a linear process. We can expect that there will be steps forward and back but a sense of hopefulness, and an expectation of recovery, are central to achieving a positive outcome.

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