I•ROC® Digital - Client Management System

Recovery Information in One Place

The I•ROC wellbeing tools are based around a dedicated Client Management System (CMS).

Each client has an account on the CMS which is created and updated by a practitioner. The account records the client's personal data, as well as their I•ROC scores and other information about their recovery.

Using the CMS, practitioners can manage their client records, both on and offline, and easily run reports around recovery and outcomes.

Managers and organisations can run reports for individual clients or all clients in a service, to see the impact they are having.

The benefits of using our CMS are:

  • Keep detailed personal, demographic and recovery data for each client in one place.

  • Complete I•ROCs online or via mobile APP.

  • Access the system anywhere, on almost any device, PC, tablet and smartphone.

  • Easy for practitioners to update client records and upload further documents to the account.

  • Access HOPE Toolkit and recovery resources online.

  • Generate comprehensive client outcome reports quickly and easily.

  • Generate comprehensive service and location outcome reports quickly and easily.

  • Comprehensive eLearning modules on I•ROC wellbeing and recovery approach.

  • Secure and reliable system.

  • Unlimited accounts per service - with unlimited storage.