Embedding Recovery using I.ROC,

Around the world more and more services are looking towards using a recovery approach. Recovery is variously described as a personal journey, a process, a concept, a way of thinking, an approach or an outlook. Likewise it is a personal experience that can be generally understood as an ability to manage symptoms relating to mental health, establish a space to meaningfully support wellbeing and live as full a life as possible.
I•ROC is used by 28 organisations worldwide seeking to embed recovery within their practice. The tool can be used to measure the 'journey' or 'distance travelled' of recovery. This is unique to each person and what recovery means to each of us is different. It is not a linear process. We can expect that there will be steps forward and back but a sense of hopefulness and an expectation of recovery are central to achieving a positive outcome.

Asociacion Ambit are based in Valencia and support prisoners to reintegrate into society and minimise the negative effects of prison. They began using I•ROC in autumn 2016 as a way to ensure the delivery of their services is person-centred. During their first 18 months using I•ROC, they found the tools to be extremely useful. However, they had become increasingly aware of the practical skills that practitioners needed in order to facilitate a person’s recovery. To equip our own staff at Penumbra we developed Recovery Coaching practice tools for our practitioners so they have confidence in their own skills to support someone’s recovery journey.

Recovery Coaching

  • Practitioners use Recovery Coaching to support an individual to feel confident to take the lead in their own recovery, explore their options and find realistic solutions to difficulties. Recognising that the person is the expert in their own experience, helpful and practical support strategies enable them to reflect on their own perspective of their recovery and find their own way forward.
  • Recovery Coaching is underpinned by values based practice. It enables the person to engage with solution focused balanced decision making, understand the difficulties they are experiencing and how they can use effective support strategies to manage symptoms and improve their quality of life. The recovery coaching approach is person centred placing the person at the heart of their recovery journey. This facilitates the person to be the expert of their experience and supports their exploration of resources that can be helpful to improving their quality of life and sustainable to their recovery journey.
  • Recovery Coaching is sensitive to the needs of the person and enables the practitioner to engage with meaningful and effective principles and techniques to encourage, support and enable the person towards sustainable progression in their life. It also acknowledges the challenges people can be experiencing relating to their mental health and circumstances and consequently offers the practitioner with an interactive tool kit to support, sustaining a person’s well-being whilst moving them towards their chosen progression.

Combining an insight into I•ROC tools and the practice skills described above, staff have the confidence to facilitate an individuals’ recovery, contributing to the personal outcomes recovery focused approach applied within their organisation.
Penumbra offer in depth training sessions on the I•ROC wellbeing approach in practice. This covers the I.ROC Conversation, Personal Outcomes, Personal Planning and the HOPE Toolkit. The recovery coaching approach is embedded within the learning style of all training sessions.

If you would like more information on the additional training sessions please get in touch.


Recent I.ROC training with new I.ROC practitioners in Brussels.

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