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Since the start of 2018 we’ve been busy spreading the word about I•ROC in the UK. At the AHSN event in Durham and the Mental Health Network annual conference in London we enjoyed sharing our experience of using I•ROC with delegates and discussing how I•ROC's outcomes based approach could support other organisations to be more recovery-focused too.

This June, I•ROC will feature at the 41st Annual Wellness and Recovery Summit in Denver, Colorado. We are looking forward to hosting a workshop on personal outcomes here and hope that at the end of the session participants will gain an insight into programs and strategies for facilitating recovery in all aspects of life. We will introduce the audience to the concept of personal outcomes and will share our experiences of developing and embedding a personal outcomes approach in the variety of recovery-focused services we offer in Scotland.

June's going to be a busy month as we are also going to be attending the New Frontiers in Mental Health conference in Stirling. This event will focus on how our technologically enabled, globalised and digital society is changing our understanding of mental health and wellbeing and we hope to share more news on the development of our young people’s mental health recovery measure and associated tools and workshops.

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Our stall at the Mental Health Network Annual Conference in London last week.

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