I.ROC in Colorado,

Last weekend we were at the Recovery Summit in Colorado, hosted by the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association. Here we held a workshop on Personal Outcomes in Penumbra and how the HOPE framework and I.ROC help us to deliver this.

Penumbra is a Scottish Charitable Organisation working in the field of mental health. We believe that to support recovery, services should be designed and delivered in a flexible way that places the personal outcomes of each person at the centre. We have invested significantly in the development of an approach (the HOPE framework) that enables our workforce and people in other organisations across health and social care to deliver outcomes for supported people. In this workshop, we introduced the audience to the concept of personal outcomes and shared our experiences of developing and embedding a personal outcomes approach. Together we examined the challenges and barriers to adopting a personal outcomes approach and participants evaluated the effectiveness of their own organisational approach to personal outcomes. We had a fantastic time with the diverse group of participants, who raised some very interesting points.

We also presented a poster on I.ROC wellbeing: Recovery in the Digital Age. Take a look at it here.

We very much enjoyed being part of this event and will take many key learning points home with us to Scotland!

If you'd like to find out more about I.ROC, please get in touch with us.

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