My Body My Way,

As part of their contribution to the Scottish Government’s Year of Young People 2018, Penumbra has made their Negative Body Image resources freely available to download.

Piloted in North Ayrshire, the My Body My Way programme explores what body image is, explains what influences our body image and promotes positive body image and wellbeing.

1 in 10 children will suffer from some form of ill mental health, and it is believed that many of these illnesses are a direct response to a life event or situation. In fact, 50% of mental health problems are evident by the age of 14. Alarmingly, however, 70% of children will go without any sort of appropriate support or intervention at the early stages of their illness.

Penumbra’s CEO Nigel Henderson said, We are bombarded from an early age with images of the ‘so called’ perfect body in the media and social media. Often these images have been edited or airbrushed and therefore do not represent reality. It is so important that children feel confident about themselves and their bodies. We are all unique which is what makes the world a fascinating place. Therefore in 2018, the Scottish year of young people, we are delighted to make this important resource freely available.

The resources are suitable for primary school children ages 9-11 and fit the Curriculum for Excellence and GIRFEC approach to wellbeing. They include a comprehensive workshop plan for facilitators, children’s workbook and parent’s guide.

Download them for free:

Facilitator's Guidance

Children's Workbook

Parent's Infosheet

If you have any questions regarding the resources please get in touch.

email:  or call: 0131 475 2380

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