Young Person's I•ROC,

Development of a Young People’s Outcomes Tool

Penumbra are currently working on the development of a recovery outcomes measure for children and young people, called Y•ROC. This tool will be based on the already validated I•ROC measure which is widely used across Scotland within the adult population. Y•ROC will be designed as a facilitated self-assessment which is used in the form of a conversation between practitioner and young person, with the young person’s needs at the centre of it all. Y•ROC will help to assess the young person’s situation based on 12 indicators for wellbeing and will assist with setting goals and achieving outcomes. Y•ROC will help young people to take more control of their support and will enable practitioners to tailor the support offered specifically to the needs of each young person, in addition to providing a clear picture of the recovery journey. Y•ROC can also be used at an organisational level to allow services and practitioners to assess the impact that their support is having on young people across Scotland. This information can then be used to improve individual support to young people as well as improve the support offered by the organisation as a whole.

In addition to the Y•ROC recovery measure, Penumbra are also developing a series of tools and workshops. All of these tools and workshops will be linked with the indicators for wellbeing as stated within Y•ROC and will provide practitioners with a variety of different resources to use during their support to young people.

Y•ROC and all of the associated tools hope to be relevant, reliable and comprehensive to young people and in order to guarantee this Penumbra have ensured there is coproduction of all of this work between Penumbra and young people. The workshops contained within the pack cover a range of topics identified by young people as being “problem areas” and include topics such as Body Confidence, Self Esteem, Expressing Emotions, Mental Health & Stigma and Bullying. All of Penumbra’s tools are designed in a way that makes them fully comprehensive and easy to use by anyone who is working with children and young people.

With this year being the Scottish Government's Year of Young People, we will be making our workshop guides freely available.

Please contact us to find out further information on Y•ROC and its associated tools or how your organisation could support Penumbra in the development of this work.

As featured in the eBulletin for the National Third Sector GIRFEC Project.

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