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Mental Health Recovery Evidence-based Recovery Tools

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Mental Health Recovery Evidence-Based Recovery Tools

I•ROC wellbeing is an outcomes based approach for services to support personal recovery.

Developed by mental health practitioners and people with lived experience, the I•ROC wellbeing approach is now used in a range of in-patient and community settings worldwide by community nurses, clinical psychologists working with people with complex trauma, and many 3rd sector organisations and recovery colleges.

Available in paper and digital formats, the approach includes a validated measure of recovery that provides a structure for recovery conversations and a range of well designed, innovative and easy to use tools that promote self-management with tips and techniques.

Practitioners have the combined resources they need to deliver recovery focused practice and to evidence impact I•ROC® Digital easily produces reports at individual, service and organisational level.

Find out more about how I•ROC wellbeing can help you to embed a consistent recovery focused approach in your organisation.

Do you believe in people and their potential?

Do you want to make a difference?

If so then I•ROC wellbeing is for you.

Watch our video for how I•ROC works in practice.

I•ROC is an excellent addition to the three month reviews we carry out. The traditional review collects information about satisfaction with the service, self-harm behaviour and continuing need for service. I•ROC adds more of a personal element to the review, focusing on their wellbeing and where the person feels they are.


What is I•ROC wellbeing?

Holistic approach
Validated and peer reviewed measure
Integrated tools
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Why use I•ROC wellbeing?

Promote wellbeing
Transform culture
Track personal outcomes
Measure impact
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