Mental Health Recovery – Evidence-Based Recovery Tools

I.ROC wellbeing is an innovative approach to mental health and wellbeing. It provides a powerful set of mental health assessment tools for organisations, for practitioners and for the people that use their services in the UK and worldwide. I.ROC was developed by Penumbra- a leading Scottish Mental Health charity whose aim is to improve mental health wellbeing across the nation.

I.ROC - A Mental Health Recovery Assessment Tool

I.ROC - is validated by the University of Abertay in Dundee, Scotland. It's a measure of individual recovery. But it's also a set of online applications (including a mobile app) which help you to capture, track and measure recovery data. After all - we all want to know if the work we're doing is having a positive impact on the wellbeing of those who use our services.

How I.ROC Wellbeing Measures Mental Health Outcomes

I.ROC wellbeing is a way of working together to deliver tangible, meaningful outcomes for people, practitioners and organisations

Are you passionate about mental health?  Do you believe in people and their potential?  Do you want to make a difference?  If so then I.ROC wellbeing is for you.

What is I.ROC wellbeing?

  • Holistic approach
  • Validated and peer reviewed measure
  • Integrated tools

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Why use I.ROC wellbeing?

  • Promote wellbeing
  • Transform culture
  • Track personal outcomes
  • Measure impact

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