What is Y•ROC?

Y.ROC is a youth-focused version of I.ROC that accompanies I.ROC at no extra charge. Y.ROC can measure wellbeing and recovery, where the concept of recovery is about finding ways to live a fulfilling and meaningful life in the presence or absence of mental ill health or a condition. It is not a clinical assessment tool and focuses on strengths not deficits.

Y.ROC is modelled from the I.ROC questionnaire with appropriate changes in language and support tools made to fit a younger audience.

The suite of tools includes:

  • Y•ROC® - Youth Recovery Outcomes Counter - A facilitated self-assessment that uses the HOPE® framework and 12 indicators of wellbeing to assess and measure personal recovery.
  • Y•Toolkit - Personal plans and wellbeing tools specially designed for a younger audience hat link to Y•ROC and promote recovery.
  • I•ROC Digital - Just like I.ROC, Y.ROC is also available on our digital platform.

The tools provide a consistent, reliable and flexible way of working across an organisation to deliver meaningful results. Y•ROC wellbeing allows service providers and workers real time access to data and reporting which can be measured at individual, service or organisational level.

Validation of I•ROC

I•ROC has been validated as an outcome measurement tool for mental health recovery by the University of Abertay in Dundee, Scotland. It is already being used by organisations in the UK, Spain, the Netherlands, the USA, Australia and China.

This is an approach that has been developed by people with lived experience of mental ill health and practitioners. The individual needs, hopes and dreams of each person are placed at the centre.

Read more about I•ROC in this article from the British Journal of Mental Health Nursing.

Who would use I•ROC wellbeing?

For Organisations who are looking for:

  • Consistent approach
  • Shared language of recovery
  • Measurement of impact
  • Strategic Planning Tool

For the Person who wants to:

  • Identify factors that impact own wellbeing
  • Define personal outcomes
  • Shape and manage own recovery
  • Develop strategies of self-management

For the Practitioner who wants to have:

  • Clarity of purpose
  • Support tools and resources
  • Confidence in approach
  • Ability to measure 'distance travelled' of person

Why use I•ROC wellbeing?

I•ROC wellbeing is an approach developed by people in Scotland with experience of mental health, mental ill health and recovery. It is now used by many organisations in the UK and around the world. It is designed to create a partnership between people who use services, practitioners and organisations.

Me What makes a difference to me What matters to me?
My Practitioner Has training and tools to assess and plan for what matters. Works with me to make a difference.
My Organisation Has an integrated outcomes approach to recovery. Captures and tracks recovery data so it can make an even greater difference.

I•ROC is

  • Recovery Focused
  • An Outcomes Based Approach
  • Validated
  • Interactive
  • Educational
  • Transformative

I•ROC Digital is

  • Secure
  • On & Offline
  • I.ROC Management System
  • Mobile App
  • Outcome based reports for the person
  • Outcome based reports for the organisation
  • Management Information Tool

HOPE Toolkit is

  • Linked to I•ROC
  • Recovery Focused
  • Comprehensive
  • Holistic
  • Person Centred
  • Transformative