Our Licences Explained

  Paper Digital Lifetime T4T
Free PDF version of I.ROC and Y.ROC  
Can purchase physical I.ROC products  
Access to I.ROC Digital      
Allows organisation to replicate I.ROC in their own system      
Allows organisation to train staff on I.ROC/Y.ROC      
Renews yearly in advance Single Payment
Price (exc. VAT) £18 yearly per practitioner £35 yearly per practitioner £2280 per block of 50 practitioner £75 yearly per trainer

Paper licences allow your organisation to use I.ROC and Y.ROC, purchase the physical I.ROC materials and access the PDF versions of the printed materials.

Digital licences include our regular paper licences plus access to the online platform I.ROC Digital.

Training for Trainers (T4T) licences allow an individual within your organisation to train members of staff to use I.ROC and include a set of training slides.

The above licences are renewable yearly in advance.

Lifetime paper licences are payable only once and held by your organisation indefinitely. They allow your organisation to replicate our digital platform on your own system and give you access to the PDF versions of the printed materials. Lifetime licences cannot be held simultaneously with our Digital licences.

A few orientative examples have been detailed below.

We pride ourselves in providing organisation-centered customer service, therefore the type of training and the number of hours may vary to suit your specific organisation needs. For this reason the examples have been included for illustrative purposes only.

Example 1.

Organisation with 10 practitioners looking to use the questionnaires without IMS support, collating the data on an internal spreadsheet or similar.

The typical quote would include:

  • Set-up fee
  • 10 paper licences
  • Recommended 7h Introduction to I.ROC training
  • Optional hard copies of I.ROC materials.

If the organisation would like to use I.ROC over an extended period of time, we would also recommend:

  • 2 Training for Trainers (T4T) licences to support training and implementation
  • 3h T4T top-up course



Example 2.

Large organisation with 80 practitioners. They would like to implement I.ROC on their own Client Management System and use it to calculate different statistics to present to funders and supported people.

  • Set-up fee
  • 2 Lifetime licences
  • Recommended 7h Introduction to I.ROC training
  • Optional hard copies of I.ROC materials.

Given the size of the organisation we would strongly recommend to train a team of 5-8 practitioners on Training for Trainers, so that they can support the implementation across different teams.

  • 8 Training for trainers (T4T)
  • 3h T4T top-up training

Example 3.

Small charity that runs a wellbeing café. They would like to use Y.ROC and I.ROC within their self-harm support sessions and capture the recovery data that Y.ROC provides in order to prove to funders and supported people that the café is making a difference. There is a pool of 5 rotating volunteers supporting the survivors.

  • Set-up fee
  • 5 Digital licences
  • Recommended 7h Introduction to I.ROC training
  • Optional hard copies of I.ROC materials.


If you are a student or a researcher looking to use I.ROC or Y.ROC for research purposes please get in touch with us. We strongly believe that sharing knowledge around person-centred recovery is vital to enhance and increase effective mental health support across the world. so we have research agreements available with access to our questionnaires and materials.


Please get in touch if you would like to offer our questionnaires to your clients. We have successfully collaborated with providers who are now offering our instruments to a variety of clients in the mental health industry.

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